Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

It’s only been available to the public for less than a year. We understand it is impossible to comprehend the value of Virtual Reality (VR). The amazing health benefits it has for everyone.

Benefits of VR

Medical Training

Commit to memory more efficiently. CPR

Pain Management

Experience less pain and anxiety play VR games during treatments.


VR has been used in PTSD treatment as far back as 1997.


With VR, you can be transported into another environment.

Stress Management

How VR can generate a different mood.”


Paralysis. Neurological. Muscula.

Social Psychology

Enhancing human interaction.



Through preventative care.

Virtual Reality also has numerous additional health benefits.

Neurological, Alzheimer’s, cardiac rehab, several mental health issues, memory & cognitive skills, arthritis & muscle issues, multiple sclerosis & all levels of mind activity.

We are looking for places that want us to bring our Virtual Reality to them

Senior Centers

Senior Living Communities

Suggested Places Of Our donors

Holiday Parties

Birthday Parties

Social Events

Just because you think your family could benefit from donating for a demonstration anywhere you choose

Let me share a my greatest moment yet. I was with a lady who I am going to refer to as Ms.Jones, who is 85 years old. We put the headset on the resident. We started “Google Earth.” Typed in the correct address the family had provided. Ms.Jones has Alzheimer’s & doesn’t speak very coherently much these days. In seconds Ms.Jones was in the front yard of her home from 70 years ago. It took almost no time at all to recognize her home. Spinning around & being able to see the same home she saw every day outside her home for years growing up. Ms.Jones was talking almost as clear as day. Like she was talking to her sibling. This elicited tears from everyone around & a few that have heard the story.

Lives Revived & Memories Survived


We go into senior centers, assisted living facilities & the private homes of donors & their loved ones.

Since the people making the donations are a healthy working class. They all have loved ones who could benefit from what we offer.

We are specialized in our field.

We have the compassion needed to teach a generation that spent many years listening to their children speak about video games as if they are the tools of Satan himself.

Typically, we go into a senior care facility and utilize

Oculus Rift® & Oculus Touch®

to allow the seniors to transport into another world.

We have been gaming with the seniors for 8 years now.

We are now able to focus on people that are restricted to a wheelchair. Or presidents with a limited mind capability.

Seniors who thought they would never go anywhere but the cafeteria again, are now traveling the world through the 3D eyes of Google Earth Street view.

This activity has proven to be a worthy medical treatment for so many reasons. All the major health facilities around our nation are conducting a thorough clinical research on the benefits of virtual reality.

The importance of aerobic or anaerobic activity becomes greater as individuals get older has always been a fact.

As well as physical benefits, we have noticed a correlation with individuals suffering from memory loss as they are able to retain these new techniques on a weekly basis. The exercise program that we use has nearly 100 games, which stimulate the elderly participants into becoming active. With the use of the

Oculus Rift® & Oculus Touch®

the elderly can operate the game through simple motions and gestures, allowing them to experience a degree of virtual reality.

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