Paradise Memorial Gardens

Best offer:

This spot is privately owned & is for sale so that all proceeds can go to charity. This charity.

-This plot is located directly under the largest tree.
-This plot buries 2 people.
-This plot is ALWAYS good in the shade.
-This plot is the 9th plot from the duck pond with 2 beautiful fountains & a cement bench 15’ away from my plot.

This plot is located next to my grandparents whom raised me.
I live in hawaii now & an arizona attorney would handle this transaction.

The cemetery values this burial plot at $21,500.00
Please make reasonable offer.

Exact location: section 13; block 1; lot 11; space 8;

My name is David Evans @ 808-492-3210 feel free to call me to inquire about the sale.

Please feel free to call paradise memorial gardens & speak with Dan or a lady named Chris @ (480) 860-2300 (they’ve done everything to block my advertising of this plot, on Craigslist, they keep deleting my posts. They only want to sell their plots. They offered us $670 for this plot). So we dedicated a page on the charity website here.

My name is David Evans & I will pay the $200 transfer fee.