Jet Ski Tours or Rentals

All Proceeds Go To Charity


Aloha friends & visitors, we are here to offer jet skiing out on the open sea. Other jet ski rentals only let you operate the jet ski in a closed course in the murky waters of a lagoon. We are here offering the deep blue ocean waters, deep waves, real possibilities of experiencing the opportunity to come up close & personal to the whales, dolphins & sharks in the natural habitats where they play & hunt (no promises). We are focused on training our guests on the rules of the ocean. Safety, proper distances from other vessels, from dangerous waters, from land, from other boats. We take you up close & personal to water splashing in your faces. Speed on the open waters. We want you to be safe for when we get back to the launching point, we allow you the opportunity to operate the jet skis, with a licensed operator. 

We are offering both jet ski shenanigans & tours out on the deep blue ocean waters of Oahu. Like a 2-for-1 package.  

Call David for reservations @ 808-492-3210

We ask for donations of $160 an hour per jet ski. Jet skis have a weight limit of 530 lbs. Most of our operators weigh 130 lbs allowing 400 lbs per jet ski. We charge by the jet ski, not per person. We can take a part of 4 (800 lbs). 

Minimum 1 hour. A 2 hour tour spans across the entire Honolulu coast line from the  military air fields to Diamondhead crater. 
$160.00 per vessel per hour.

Ask about how to operate the vessels without our staff being present on the jet ski with you & also have the 3rd person be a member of your party.  

Feel free to contact me directly, anytime of the day or night
David 808-492-3210

Our Equipment is brand new 2021 Jet Skis
GoPro available.
We are a brand new chapter of an 8 year old charity serving senior citizens.