Hawaiian Vacation Raffle

Win a Hawaiian Vacation for 2 Adults

Win an All-Inclusive Hawaiian Vacation Package for 2 Adults


Suggested donation for a ticket is $5.00

7 tickets for $25.00

25 tickets for $50.00

“2” Adults (18+) get round trip airfare* from anywhere in USA.

유유/ /웃웃 

4 Days & 3 Nights

Drawing date Saturday

To Be Announced

5 pm. (EST) Drawing will be live on at least our social media sites.

Hopefully a news media station will air it for us.

What will the money be used for?

Oculus Rift/Touch 3-D Virtual reality (VR) for senior citizens & our disabled

Let me share a my greatest moment yet. I was with a lady who I am going to refer to as Ms.Jones, who is 85 years old. We put the headset on the resident. We started “Google Earth” And we typed in the correct address the family had provided. Ms.Jones has Alzheimer’s & doesn’t speak very coherently these days. In seconds Ms.Jones was in the front yard of her home from 70 years ago. It took her almost no time at all to recognize her home. Spinning around & being able to see the same home she saw every day outside her home for years growing up. Ms.Jones said “see, I told you we’d be home before dark”.” She was talking almost as clear as day. Like she was talking to her sibling.

Mrs.Jones has been talking about stories from her childhood home ever since.

This elicited tears from everyone around & a few that have heard the story.

Lives Revived & Memories Survived

  • Airfare is coach class

  •                    The fabulous restaurants in the area are at your own expense.

501(c)3 Charity

My Bucket list is founded & based in Florida.

Florida Division of Corporations is the state agency that gives us permission to operate in Florida.

The Florida Department of Agriculture is the state agency that monitors the solicitation of contributions. This is the document indicating our permission to solicit contributions.

You may also look us up on their website by either entering

My Bucket List” or “CH41954” to view their website about us.”

Donations must be made online or mailed to the address in Florida:

My Bucket List

5245 Big Pine Way, #101

Ft. Myers, FL 33907

We take people who thought they’d never go anywhere but the cafeteria again to the most exotic & out of this world places.

Disclaimer: As a winner of our charity raffle you also win the new Oculus Go to bring to your community & share these experiences.

You, as winners, are our local ambassadors of “My Bucket List” bringing virtual reality to the elderly & disabled. 

I will help you build a solid volunteer base. Establish you in local facilities. Earn money. Use one of your kids (grand-kids) Or find a student from church. This means that you need to believe that what we are doing is a great program. 

You are going to be responsible for the device (Oculus Go). Every time the game is in use it needs to be video taped. Especially with the elderly. Even when the children are playing it still produces priceless video footage. We want it all. You will be required to help upload to a cloud/& YouTube.

We want the winners to find children & allow this game to be brought to their grandparents. Their friends grandparents. 

Your unwillingness or inability to assist is not a disqualifying factor. It will allow for one of volunteers to become the asset we look for from from this auction.

If anyone have any questions, comments or possibly snide remarks, feel free to contact David Evans.

Please proceed to the following “Questionnaire

Contact a Board Member Here