Bachelorette Auction

Our charity brings virtual reality into senior centers, assisted living facilities & private homes.

Virtual reality has so many health benefits i can’t start to mention them all.

Have you ever tried “Virtual Reality?”

We all pay for 1st dates, but how often does the money go to a good cause


We are accepting women (only) of all sexual preferences.

Women of all sizes, types, nationalities & races.

100% of proceeds go to charity.

Our Mission

To encourage movement and companionship with seniors while teaching the next generation of young people the value of volunteerism

What will the money be used for?

Some of you know that since I’ve been disabled & unable to work, that I had started to volunteer in my spare time at my neighbor’s home (an assisted living facility). Doing chair exercise classes & building a rapport with the elderly ladies. I was with a group of people (in my demographic, health wise). I was looking for fun activities. I created a beautiful program by promoting.

Intergenerational activities.

The ladies in wheelchairs loving the Xbox Kinect.

Over the years, eventually I turned my disability into a charity.

I have 3 Oculus Rifts. A DK2, a desktop at home for training.

A laptop set-up for work at the assisted living facilities, senior centers & private homes of parents of people who just love me around.

I have spent over $2,000.00 on each setup.

I still only have 1 mobile version for my people.

Oculus just announced the release of the long awaited mobile version.

At a fraction (10%) of the price.

Oculus Go link here

This is the newest, wireless, PC built in. Dual screen (each eye). Smaller hand controllers.

For every $200.00 raised we can purchase new Oculus Go devices.

Let me share joyous memory of putting the headset on a lady, in her mid 80’s, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, who rarely speaks comprehensively.

She was in Google Earth Street View, we entered the address of the home she grew up in. in 3-D 360° views

Transported right there to her street.

In the front yard the place she lived at 70 years ago.

All of sudden this lady started speaking like she was in the front yard, in high school, talking to her brother, as clear as day.

Lives Revived & Memories Survived.

I have a contract with the city of Phoenix for $100.00 an hour.

I need 4 Oculus Go’s to fulfill the justification of $100.00

We are asking all interested women to please post their intentions so that we may ask local restaurants & limo companies for donations. This auction is ONLY promising a 1st date.

– We are not encouraging the “bachelorettes” won at auction to be held in privacy of anyone’s home.

– We only encourage dates in public.

We are auctioning a 1st date.

Not a 2nd or 3rd date.

We are not promising winners sex!

You will need to earn this blessing.

Women who are interested:

We are not discriminating. Everybody is loved & valued. The more the merrier. You are not required to do anything more than meet your “winner” for an evening out.

Feel free to ask any questions by phone or text of

David (Diavoli) 651-269-1655

Flickas Bar & Grill

For 13 years Flicka’s has been a local favorite. Our beachy patio invites you to relax and enjoy the excellent food & fabulous drink specials. You will most likely find Flicka around the bar, looking like he just got off his surfboard, making people feel welcome and at home.

Expectation of the women to be auctioned:

– Agree to exchange contact information.

– Meet the date in public.

– Express your honest opinion if you don’t like your date.

– ou reserve the right to politely let him know he’s a jerk & that “this” will not be “going anywhere.”

– You reserve the right to make a scene (of harassment) in public if you are disrespected a 2nd time after he has been educated on what you interpret as disrespect.

– You may wear fetish wear to the auction.

This event is being promoted on Facebook & FetLife

– Along with all social media platforms

– You need to look as enticing as possible.

– Picture ID &Signature on this form

– A Bio form filled out. Detailing the type of man that interests you (sub, Dom, vanilla, ect) & how you want to be introduced to the audience, How you want your date to go.

– We expect every adult woman to do every bit of precautionary measures possible. Photo of his driver’s license. License plate. A friend or family member to check in every 60 minutes. Leave your phone on trackable. Make sure someone has all this information.


Signature___________________________ Date____________


Rules Of Participation When Winning A Bid

 – All prizes must be paid in credit card.

– All winners will provide a state ID.

– Agree to have your photo taken along with your license plate & state ID by the bachelorette at the time of date.

– Men are expected to respect these women. If you have been told that you are being disrespectful. You deserve a warning. Disrespect will end the date.

– Expect all dates to take place in a public setting.

– You are only promised a 1st date. Your charm & respect will get you a long way (maybe).

– If there are criminal acts, expect criminal charges.

– You must sign a copy of this form to obtain a bidding card.

– These women are under the protection of “delete & block”

– Expect these dates to be monitored/interrupted by their loved ones, for safety reasons.

– SEX is NOT promised.

– If a sexual charge is in your background please do not embarrass yourself by attempting to win a bid. No refunds on sexual predator violations.

– All sales are final. No refunds.

– Bachelorettes might not want to be picked-up from their home. Accept that.

– Expect all dates to take place in a public setting.



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