Our Founder

David Evans

Founder, Director and CEO

Our Story


I have always been told by my mother that since she raised my brother & I until we were adults, that we should plan on taking care of her in her final days. In 2009, I started volunteering at an amazing assisted living facility where I held a chair exercise classes with the ladies age 76-96. They are an amazing inspiration to what I want to do with my life. I take my time & really get to know these ladies.

Personally, I’m single, never married & no kids. I never had any goals or ambitions in life.

In 2005, I was diagnosed with a Severe Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Disability is a dangerous waste of time for me. I wasted a few years & finally decided to do something for somebody else. I can not begin to be able describe the personal joy it brings to an individual to bring joy to peoples life. This feeling can only be described as selfless. They look forward to my being there everyday. I loved how they made me feel.

-In august 2009, I started volunteering at an assisted living facility. I was personally asked by the owner “Peter”to do all 4 of the Colten Adult Care as a paid position, I just wanted to volunteer on a beginner level. I was able to enjoy the company of these beautiful woman until I had to move away.

-In November 2013, I took the steps necessary to create a charity. Two lawyers, 1 year of government red tape & one year to build this amazing website.

-On December 20, 2013 Jimmy (my step-dad) had a serious heart attack.

-On January 30, 2013 Aunt Elanor had a massive stroke & God took her away from us.

-On February 11, 2014 God took Jimmy from us also.

-In march 2014, mom fell ill from spending 2-months visiting her husband, non-stop, all day every day. For the next few months mom was surrounded by ALL of the our extended family. 2-sons, several grand children & even a great grand child.

-On November 20, 2014 at 4 a.m. E.T. God took Mary Ann McEwan from us.

-On November 24, 2014 My mother passed away 4 days before the government acceptance of the 501(c)3 status. I believe mom did what she always did to take care of me & cut right through the government red tape & went straight to the top & told the “boss” what’s good, what’s bad, what happened & what to do next.

I was able to spend our last two years on earth together, taking the opportunity, being given the chance to seek forgiveness, understanding & open communication. Even with a few very close years together, It is still such a devastating loss to process, even the anticipated natural cycle of life. Again, I am not going to mention what the adults who have to go through life with grief that I personally believe has no closure.

I personally took the 12 week “Grief Share” program. It is so important to learn how to properly process these debilitating emotions.

I am starting my pilot program, “Compassionate -Companion” program. I am also stepping it up a notch by bringing “interactive” video games in to other assisted living facilities, independent living facilities & private homes of seniors who could use a little variety in their life.

This foundation would not have been possible if wasn’t for the love, inspiration & financing by Mary Ann McEwan, my loving mother with whom I still spend quality time with, now & forever.

Since the passing of my mother I have had the chance to focus on bringing fun activities into senior centers where the adults are more mobile & capable to play the Xbox Kinect.  With the latest in gaming technology “Oculus Rift & Touch” Virtual Reality has come to life. We are bringing this technology into assisted living facilities.  We are currently working on permission from family members to post pictures of residents who do not have the power of attorney. Please bare with us.

Oculus Rift & Touch, after you put the headset on, the player is transformed into an entirely different world. We have adventure games.  Coasting through the grand canyon. Roller coaster rides. We have artistic games.  We have shooter games.


David Evans, Founder & working CEO