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David (Diavoli) Evans

Founder, Director and CEO

My Story

My childhood was filled with physical & sexual abuse since I was 3 years old. My step dad (Bob evans) physically abused me so badly that I have had a terrible stutter since I was learning how to talk. Until this day. 

I was raised by a single mother, who was a DUI accident drunk who used & shared her drugs with her child, myself, at age 9

At the age of 5 years old my mother hired a babysitter & sexual abuse started & continued for another 4 years. 

Age 11 & I was enrolled into fundamental Christian schools that believes in severe physical abuse, corporal punishment inflicted under the guise of gods will. 

At age 13 I was sent to bob jones academy in South Carolina & my roommate Richard Sheldon started physical abuse, bullying, humiliation & other forms of abuse inflicted by someone I couldn’t escape from in a famous historical Christian education institution. 

At age 15, after expulsion from bob Jones academy, I was given an option by bat shit crazy mother with an agreement to outrageous home life or to Lester rolloff home for boys, the “lighthouse”. The place was promised as a horse ranch atmosphere, instead I was in a group home for court ordered delinquents, caged in. I was subjected to serious abuse, by other students & even more so by the staff

At age 17, I had graduated high school a year early (due to the fact I was in the boys home, I focused on fast tracking my education & did my classes in a fraction of the time) & I was working 2 full time jobs, without a car. My mother called the police & had my removed from my home. Homeless. 

Employed. No transportation. 2 jobs in an upper class neighborhood where homeless people aren’t welcome. I moved 20 miles away into my own apartment. I enrolled in college. I bought a motorcycle. My grades were good. My new job was fun. My family introduced me to a drug dealer who offered me thousands of dollars worth of drugs for my motorcycle. Sold. I became a drug dealer with a re$pectable amount of drugs. 

I don’t remember what brought me back to living with my mother for a 2nd time. I worked, school, it had to be because I was doing good in her eyes. It wasn’t long before she kicked me out, homeless again. Not because of drugs. Only because she assumed the worst of me. 

Yes, I remained a prominent drug dealer & never needed anyone’s money. I never called & asked family for help. However I took my mothers career advice & moved into her apartment, again. Only to have the police called on me regularly. 20 years old. Home life with my mother took its final episode & I moved out of her for a 3rd time. Not to speak for 15 years.

At age 20, I enlisted in the army national guard, until I received an honorable discharge. 

I had a long intense & hard core life. Acts that included covering up & distracting police from witnessing criminal acts of violence that include murder. Murders committed by cellmates in a maximum security prison. 

I’ve been arrested & convicted for more than 75 misdemeanors & 10 felonies. I’ve served 10 years in prison. As of January 12, 2004 I am clean & sober. Over 17.5 years as of today (9-1-2021). 

If I had not been arrested & lived the life I was dealt, I would have never found my deadly heart condition while I was in prison & I wouldn’t have had a pacemaker defibrillator on October 3, 2013 @ 1301 [10/3/20013@1301] when I experienced my life ending heart attack, saved 8 seconds later by my AICD. 

I did 4x separate prison stays. 1.5 yrs. 1. yr.  2.5 yrs. 5. Yrs. I’m proud to have turned my life around. Not because of AA, not because of probation/ parole/ prison. I turned my life around the day my dr told me of my serious genetic deadly heart condition. 

Due to my heart condition & the fact that i had no positive parental influence growing up, my heart goes out to seniors & people with disabilities (of coarse). So, I started by asking my neighbor, Peter Colten, who owned 4 private senior living homes. Colten homes, Scottdale, AZ.  I started by volunteering to do a daily chair exercise program. I also helped around the kitchen, in exchange for food. These 10 ladies became my only friends early in my sobriety. The real struggle is the loneliness. You reject your old friends & new friends refuse a friendship because of my past. I actually spent many afternoons playing Xbox Kinect with the ladies in the senior home. This is where the concept for my charity became apparent. 

This leaves me a disabled, felon with only a joke of an education. None of my family have been there for any kind of emotional or financial support. The social security administration refusing to grant me disability. I performed 1-2 presentations 6 days a week. Documenting the highlights on our YouTube channel. 

My tough love experiences involved my own mother calling the police on me more than anyone ever did.

February 2018 I received a call from an unfamiliar cardiac surgeon & they scheduled a consultation with me. During my visit, I was informed that my EF (ejection fraction= amount of blood pumped through the heart with each beat) has dropped from the dysfunctional 16% I had maintained for years, down to <10%. Btw a normal heart pumps 60%.

I thank God for every mistake I ever made because I couldn’t imagine a better, more fulfilling life, where I get to give back like this to my elders.

The dr had guesstimated an 18 month expiration on my life expectancy date due to the deceased heart function. 

I chose to rent out my RV in AZ on Airbnb & move to Hawaii & die on a beach, homeless, in a hammock. 


During 2020 I was hospitalized 4x’s due to heart attacks. 

During the 6 months of 2021, I’ve experienced 8 heart attacks. 

Still clean & sober ?


David Evans

Founder & CEO

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David Evans