Compassionate Companion



We have created an amazing program that combines the Generation of Youth & Technology with the True, Honest & Pure wisdom of our Seniors. “Inter-generational Activities”, through our  “Compassionate-Companion” Program. 

We have high school & college age volunteers who go into various assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, city senior centers & private homes. We set up Xbox with Kinect game consoles, that allow for completely hands free gaming & help the seniors stay a little more physically active.c

Now that we have upgraded our gamng technology to Virtual Reality. Oculus Rift & Touch. We now have the highest gaming technology for seniors who are less capable. More limited to wheelchairs & even bed ridden. We are still working on getting the power of authority to sign consent for the seniors to be video taped. Please be patient. 

When we go into these senior centers, we go in a group of volunteers. We get involved with what the seniors are involved in. For example, the students participate in the Zuma class, play boccie ball, help put together a puzzle, sit down & communicate with our seniors. Many students don’t have these adults figure’s in their life. Our seniors want people to listen to their stories & still show interest. These seniors are dishing out advice from completely unbiased & wise individuals. The miracles that are happening are beyond any words.

We have learned of the importance of teaching adults with Alzheimer’s a new skill or interest everyday. The gaming allows for seniors to learn new skills through our games. 

We are looking for seniors who might enjoy the company of our time for ANY reason you might want some company. please go to “Recommend a Head of Household”.

I personally have 60 games in 1st set & am working on building a 2nd set of games for a 2nd game console we are working with.

Not only do we encourage the sporting activities, but the level of compassion & amount of joy that our volunteers bring into the hearts of so many of our valued citizens is just so beautiful. Taking the time, sitting talking & getting to know them & listen to them. Seniors love how we inspire & get enthusiasm from our beloved “wise 1’s”.

Our foundation has just been awarded a “Presenter’s Permit” for -15- Phoenix senior center’s. I now have more solid confirmation to proceed with our helping the seniors.


Senior Center Locations, Events and Activities

Each center plans a variety of events and activities, which caters to its participants. Please browse through center Monthly Events and Activities.

Adam Diaz Senior Center

4115 W. Thomas Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85019-4332 Map It

See What’s Happening At Adam Diaz

Desert West Senior Center

6501 W. Virginia Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85035-1500 Map It

See What’s Happening At Desert West

Helen Drake Senior Center

7600 N 27th Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85051-6602 Map It

See What’s Happening At Helen Drake

​​Paradise Valley Senior Center

17402 N. 40th St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85032-2200 Map It

See What’s Happening At Paradise Valley

Shadow Mountain Senior Center

3546 E. Sweetwater Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85032-6100 Map It

See What’s Happening At Shadow Mountain

​Chinese Senior Center

734 W. Elm St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85013-2416 Map It

See What’s Happening At Chinese

Devonshire Senior Center

2802 E. Devonshire Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85016-8505 Map It

See What’s Happening At Devonshire

​Marcos de Niza Senior Center

305 W. Pima St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85003-2748 Map It

See What’s Happening At Marcos

​Pecos Senior Center

17010 S. 48th St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85048-1201 Map It

See What’s Happening At Pecos

​​South Mountain Senior Center

212 E. Alta Vista Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85042-4219 Map It

See What’s Happening At South Mountain

Deer Valley Senior Center

2001 W. Wahalla Lane
Phoenix, Arizona 85027-4200 Map It

See What’s Happening At Deer Valley

​Goelet A.C. Beuf Senior Center

3435 W. Pinnacle Peak Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85027-1021 Map It

See What’s Happening At Goelet Beuf

McDowell Place Senior Center

1845 E. McDowell Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85006-3052 Map It

See What’s Happening At McDowell Place

Senior Opportunities West Senior Center

1220 S. 7th Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85007-3612 Map It

See What’s Happening At S.O.W.

Sunnyslope Senior Center

802 E. Vogel Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85020-2131 Map It

See What’s Happening At Sunnyslope

-Video Games

-Good Conversation

-A friend to talk to & who listens to

-Personal  Private attention focused on our beloved seniors.

-Any & Every personal request swill be seriously considered & every measure to help our seniors will be attempted.

-Individuals who still reside in their own home & able to go places, I am an excellent care attendant, safe & an excellent driver.

I have my 2nd Oculus Game. Games. Knowledgeable & able to instruct the most difficult patients.

I personally have an XBOX w/kinects & (2) Kinects games, as well as a 32″ flat screen.

I go in, set up, look for lonely seniors who are “Motion Capable” then start to play & others get interested, BOOM !!

I can’t mention enough how much joy this brings to our Seniors.

I do go to visit some seniors just to be a special part of their life, someone they can count on, someone they reminisce all their stories. Some seniors are simply looking for intelligent conversation.

Become a business that sponsors seniors & get your company logo, business link, address, phone # mentioned on our “Partners” page

Become a private “Donor” & we add your favorite social medial link.

We are planning on assigning each donor a specific senior that you sponsor. Along with contact information & photo’s & video’s. 


We are looking for “High School Volunteers & College Volunteers” to take their skills into Assisted Living Facilities.

Next, We are looking for donated Game consoles that allow player activity (Wii, Kinects & PS move & accessories). Hopefully, the games donated are the easy level of play, due to the fact that seniors are a bit slower. So that we can take a favorite past time, video games, and get our senior citizens involved in sports again. We find that the seniors don’t want to play during “family time”. Trying to beat a younger person with gaming skills is also intimidating. When it is senior vs. senior, when no family is around you will find they really do want to play video games. I don’t need to mention that operating these controllers & consoles is intimidating to seniors. These are reasons why they are so excited after trying it once. This is the kind of stuff movies & cartoons they grew

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