About Us

Our Founder

David (Diavoli) Evans

Founder, Director and CEO

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Our Mission

To encourage movement and companionship for seniors while sharing the value of volunteerism with the next generation.

Our Goal


I started volunteering because of my disability & the fact that all my free time was not a very healthy pastime. 

I feel a strong bond with the elderly due to my serious heart condition.

Another disabling factor is my stuttering speech. 

I am honored to have been able to create such amazing program as the Xbox Kinect for senior citizens.

Technology advancing daily.

I want to be able to continue to do this for our elderly. I am willing to go to anyone’s home. For donations. 

Let me bring this program to your loved ones.

For your company events.

Birthday parties. 

Fundraising Events

These program are great for every level of conscientiousness. Alzheimer’s. Dementia.  

Our current program of Virtual Reality is amazing for everyone. Let’s try it soon. 

Oculus Touch Virtual Reality Hand Controllers

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David (Diavoli) Evans


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