About Us

Our Founder

David (Diavoli) Evans

Founder, Director and CEO

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Our Mission

To encourage movement and companionship for seniors while sharing the value of volunteerism with the next generation.

Our Goal

Is to find a setting where the available gaming computers & gaming set ups will be able to get the most head time. We want to see this headset on a seniors head as much as possible.

We like to coordinate with a local youth group. Where the youth can easily & conveniently visit the senior living homes, often with their parents in tow. Our only request from the senior living facilities is as many signed permission slips allowing the charity to use their image on our social media.

We provide a high tech gaming computer & the newest technology of virtual reality available. Our volunteers love helping the seniors travel the world. Even more so in covid era.

 We have had 2 brand new 2021 Yamaha Jet Skis donated too us & unfortunately the required insurance to rent the jet skis out requires us to have 4 vessels in the same class to qualify for the fun insurance. So we have been chartering couples out on the open seas as our volunteers as drivers. We also allow people to pass a 3 hour safety course proved by Hawaii to operate one of our PWC anywhere here in Honolulu, for a donation.


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